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cat licking own nose

6 Reasons Your Human Needs to Buy Lickable Cat Treats

I have three words for all my paw-some pals out there in cat country: TEMPTATIONS™ Creamy Puree. Actually, let’s add three more to explain what that is: lickable cat treats. And here’s a bunch more words with all the reasons your human needs to get these delicious delights for you right meow!

Temptations Creamy Chicken Purrrree package

1. The Irresistibly Creamy, Soft Texture

All right, friends — you crave the crunch of all those classic TEMPTATIONS™ treats, so I know you’ll do cat-flips for the lickable goodness of TEMPTATIONS™ Creamy Puree lickable cat treats. Your human just opens up a convenient, single-serve pouch to squeeze out the smooth, rich creaminess that I guarantee will be a tasty treat your tongue will treasure.

2. Delicious, Nutritious, Meaty Flavors (and Real Meat!)

My, oh my, you get to choose from the tantalizing tastes of chicken, salmon or tuna.  If I had to make a recommendation, I’d suggest as many as your human can carry! Each flavor is made with real meat and textured for a mess-free treat experience. I recommend you practice turning your “purr” into saying “purée” until your human catches on.

3. All the Ways to Enjoy This Creamy Treat

Can’t wait to eat your TEMPTATIONS™ Creamy Puree lickable cat treats? Have your human open a pouch and let you lick to your heart’s content right from the source —  it’s a nice way to include your furless friend in a playful bonding moment.

Want to enjoy it on your own for a little me-ow time? Have your human squeeze the creamy treat into a bowl so you can lick at your leisure.

How about a third option? Tap your food dish with your paw —  if your human is one of the smarter ones, they’ll know to squeeze the velvety goodness onto your regular food, giving it a special topper for maximum mealtime fun.


4. Longer-lasting Experience vs. Traditional Treats

We’ve all seen dogs eat: They inhale food so fast it’s amazing they taste anything. We cats are sophisticated foodies and enjoy our edible delights to the fullest. So, while we do love our crunchy snacks, it can be even more enjoyable to slow down and savor a creamy treat that delivers robust, meaty flavor one lick at a time.

5. Boosts Hydration

Do you sometimes neglect your water dish? If you do, you’re not alone. Some of us just don’t seem to drink enough water. Don’t worry — nobody’s going to rat you out to the vet. (Except maybe your local rat.) The great news is that TEMPTATIONS™ Creamy Puree isn’t just super-delicious; it’s also a great source of hydration! And I don’t think your human will argue the point — mine claims hydration is why they buy themselves all that ice cream.

6. Great Option for Cats with a Licking Habit

We’re cats. We lick to keep our glorious fur clean. Mothers lick their kittens to bond with them. When you lick your human, you’re telling them they’re more to you than just a meal-server and litter-scooper. Some of us expand our horizons, curiously licking bags, blankets, sinks and more. Look, this is a judgment-free zone. You are free to be your own cat. But might I suggest that every one of us, from casual to frequent licker, spend more tongue time on TEMPTATIONS™ Creamy Puree? All you have to do is let your human know it’s worth more loving licks of their own.

  • orange and white tabby cat on persons lap touching fists

    5 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained

    Let’s face it:  Our feline friends can be real weirdos at times. But most cat parents adore their odd yet endearing behavior. Plus, it keeps things entertaining around the house! Check out our list of five mystifying cat behaviors and why they do them.

    1. Kneading

    A lot of cat parents call this behavior “making biscuits” because it looks like a baker kneading dough. According to, when cats knead by rhythmically pressing down with one paw and then the other, it usually signals happiness. Not all cats do it, but those that do usually knead soft blankets, pillows, other animals or (of course) their owner’s lap! A lot of felines also soothingly purr at the same time.

    Kittens instinctively knead their mother to get milk flowing, but why do adult cats do it? According to, pet experts think it’s a way to show contentment, display affection and mark a person, object or another animal with the scent glands in their paws. While it’s usually a sign of love, some cats also knead to calm themselves if they’re feeling a little stressed or anxious. Whatever the reason, though, one thing’s for sure: Cat parents usually enjoy their kitty massages!

    2. Going Bums Up

    When you stroke your cat’s back or brush them, do they suddenly go into elevator-butt position (yep, that’s really what it’s called!) by lowering their front end, raising their hindquarters high and pointing their tail straight up? If so, this is your cat’s way of saying, “That’s the spot!” It’s how your cat lets you know you’re scratching them in juuuust the right place — usually at the base of their tail — and that they want you to keep doing what you’re doing!

    Sometimes your cat might stick their elevator-up backside in your face. And while it might seem a little rude, it’s actually a friendly gesture that tells other cats your kitty feels secure and is kindly offering up the chance for a butt sniff. (Which, like with dogs, is 100% normal.) The good news? You don’t have to take them up on the offer; you can just keep scratching instead.

    3. Squeezing into Small Spaces


    “If I fits, I sits” isn’t just an online phenomenon; it’s a way of life in the cat world. That’s because felines love to squeeze themselves into and sleep in tight spaces like bathroom sinks, baskets, bags, bookshelves or, of course, B-O-X-E-S! They may even choose a cardboard container over an expensive, comfy cat bed. Why? Because they like the security and warmth these places provide. According to, some pet experts consider cats’ love of tiny spaces to be a nod to their wildcat ancestors that hid and slept in small, enclosed places as a way to avoid predators and stalk prey.

    4. Chattering


    When your cat sees a bird outside the window, they might chatter at it. Chattering is a distinctive, repetitive clicking sound made from a combination of lip smacking and your cat rapidly vibrating their lower jaw. This odd behavior looks like teeth chattering, and a lot of cats also sprinkle in soft, birdlike “chirp” sounds.

    This strange cat trait is thought to be a mix of predatory excitement and frustration at not being able to get to the bird that’s making them cuckoo. also reports that some animal behaviorists even think the chattering sound mimics a “killer bite” used to break the bones of prey. (Wow! Who knew Fluffy was so ferocious?!)

    Regardless of the exact reason cats chatter at birds, most feline parents find it hilarious and worthy of a social share.

    5. Being Terrified of Cucumbers


    Who knew such an unassuming fruit (yes, fruit!) could strike so much fear into most cats? The internet is packed with videos of unsuspecting cats shooting straight in the air and fleeing from a cucumber secretly placed behind them.

    But have you ever wondered why most cats react this way? Animal behaviorists have a couple of leading theories for the “cucumber cat phenomenon.” Most agree that cucumbers look like snakes, which cats are instinctively scared of. Another theory is that they’re reacting to an unexpected object suddenly showing up behind them.

    Whatever the reason cucumbers make a cat’s blood run cold, we don’t recommend pulling this prank on your poor cat — your little furball could get hurt! (Plus, you can already find plenty of videos to get your “scaredy cat vs. cucumber” fix.)