First Day Friends explores the powerful relationship children have with their dogs, and how it could help ease the transition into a new school. Every year, more than 7 million students change schools – an upheaval that could lead to loneliness or even contribute to mental health issues that follow a child into adulthood. We love the idea that a pet by their side could help.

Get Your School Involved

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How Our Dogs Help Us

The headlines today are full of stories about growing health crises related to loneliness and social isolation. Yet pets offer an amazing source of companionship. That's why we thought children transferring to a new school could benefit from the love and attention a dog offers. Studies have shown that children with pets tend to have less loneliness, greater self-esteem and enhanced social skills. First Day Friends celebrates how the bond we have with dogs can help us through tough times – at school or anywhere.

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Etienne & Milo

See how Milo helped Etienne connect with his new seventh grade classmates.

Nate & Buddy

See how Nate got through his first day with Buddy at his side.