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Why Cats Love Catnip

Catnip, catmint, Nepeta cataria. Whatever you call it, cats loooooove it. They can’t get enough of this fragrant herb from the mint family. That’s because catnip’s stems and leaves are covered in nepetalactone, a wondrous essential oil that turns most cats into crazy furballs.

But why do cats lose their minds over catnip plants?


Go ahead; crawl through our slideshow for a little "Catnip 101."

Whether dried or fresh, cats love to smell or eat catnip. Why? Two words: Instant. Euphoria. 

All It Takes Is a Shake™

Wanna make your cat’s playful side even more fun? Pull out a bag of TEMPTATIONS™ Blissful Catnip Flavor or TEMPTATIONS™ Mixups CATNIP FEVER™ Cat Treats.

Trust us: The taste of our irresistible catnip-flavored treats will put your kitty on cloud nine.

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